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The Skyscraper / A horizontal view

Lin May Saeed @ Julius Caesar

October 11 - November 8, 2015


With this, her first solo exhibition outside of Germany, Lin May Saeed will present new works, drawings, a relief, a model and texts. The title of the show addresses „The Skyscraper“, a metaphorical text by Max Horkheimer from 1934. The works in the show are preoccupied by, as Saeed often is, with the question of how we treat animals and the role they play in societies. With the large scale drawing „A horizontal view“, the ubiquity of animals and their products is highlighted and she compares this with the income of employees in human working environments. Also available for reading will be a 24 page text written by Wirth/Rosen about the question whether animals work.

Lin May Saeed´s work in sculpture, installation and texts refers to the human/animal relationship. Her history starting as from 2000 as an activist is bound to her artistic practice. I am drawn to Saeed’s work for how poetically, even sweetly, protests are waged. The topics are big and some could say, deserve a certain volume, but here that aggression is traded for what I believe is a more productive and nurturing position. Can art effect social change? We don’t know, but the suffering of animals is too high not to call attention.

Lin May Saeed (DE/IQ) lives in Berlin, Germany Recent shows were: Animal Turn – die Hinwendung zum Tier (group show, 2015), c: Elke Keiper, Städtische Galerie Waldkraiburg, DE; Blocking , Martos Gallery L.A. (group show, 2015) c: Jesse Stecklow, Notes on Animals at Thomas Flor Berlin , DE (solo, 2014), Corruption feeds at Kunsthall Bergen, Norway (group, 2014)c: Will Benedict, Der Wolkenkratzer at Jacky Strenz Gallery, Frankfurt/Main, DE (solo, 2103/14), Grane at Jacky Strenz, Frankfurt/Main, DE (solo, 2013)

Lin May Saeed - "The Skyscraper / Horizontal View", October 11 - November 8, 2015: Bio

Documentation by Robert Chase Heishman

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