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The American Cream

Abraham Winterstein @ Julius Caesar feat. Mikolaj Szatko’s experimental architectural sounds.


November 15 – December 20, 2015

Conceptual themes translate into symbolic imagery, and the model world (dream state) inhabits reality. Abraham Winterstein is our translator, conductor. Interrelating/fragmented articulations search for sense in the cluttered world. Schemes of confusion and chaos confront desires to organize and archive. We must learn to thrive on waste. We must stimulate a cycle where accumulation becomes (re)productive.

     "I'll be your mirror": this is the formula of the subject.
     "We shall be your favorite disappearing act!": this is the slogan of the object.
     Yet that disappearance also has to be the 'appearing act' of the Other.
     For that is the only way for him to exist.
     What you engender in the mode of production will never be anything but the image of yourselves.
     Only what comes to pass in the mode of disappearance is truly other.
     For illusion is not the opposite of reality;
     it is a more subtle reality, which enwraps the primary one in the sign of its disappearance.

     "Objects in this mirror" by Jean Baudrillard

Winterstein’s experience exploring American kitsch stores and consumer identity fetish has generated a discrete body of work. JC is hosting a funeral for her foreign body over the Christmas month- both work and time digesting a foreign land. The assembled installation ranges from the history of the universe to the universe of her studio-in-residence.

Abraham Winterstein lives and works between Germany and Portugal. She received her BFA from Central St. Martins College in London and is currently completing her MFA at the Bauhaus University, Weimar Germany. She finished a semester at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago on a Fulbright scholarship this fall. Her work has been shown at Performance Space in London, Serendipity Gallery in Berlin, and A Certain Lack of Coherence in Porto, among others.

Mikolaj Szatko is an interdisciplinary artist based in Chicago. He finished his BSC at Edinburgh Napier University, UK, and is pursuing his MFA in Sound at SAIC.

Abraham Winterstein - "The American Cream", December 19, 2015 - January 2, 2016: Bio

Documentation by Roland Miller

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