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Flare Gun / Signal Call @ Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar presents 2 group shows from August 26 to September 18. Flare Gun features Matt Mancini, Dom Smith, and Mike Rubin; Signal Call features Lilli Carré, Erin Hayden, and Monica Nydam. The duel exhibitions not only consider images in space and digital space in images, but also the artists’ shared time in Chicago’s educational institutions.

Flare Gun

Mancini, Smith, and Rubin overlapped at SAIC in the sculpture MFA program, often exploring digital space and imagery as inspiration for their work. Since graduating 2014, Rubin returned to LA, Smith moved to NYC, and Mancini settled in Chicago. Flare Gun brings the three young sculptors together again.

Signal Call

Lilli Carré, Erin Hayden, and Monica Nydam are recent MFA graduates from around Chicago. While Carré and Hayden finished at Northwestern and Nydam at UIC, all three delve into digital painting practices. Signal Call presents three takes on the use of digital space and Internet imagery in painting.

"Flare Gun" / "Signal Call" - August 26 to September 18: Bio

Documentation courtesy Roland Miller

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