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Flip the Script Turn the Tide

Alicia Gibson @ Julius Caesar

January 24 - February 21, 2016

Moderation has never been a concern. Working with a collage mentality and feminist tendencies, Alicia often uses satire to process a grave situation. Her work is diaristic, uses double entendre, and is often topically immature. Speaking from a personal vantage point, she tries to bridge dialogue between the sexes and hopes the audience can relate. Working from her perspective seems more honest to her; in addition, it interests her more as documentation.

Thick oil paint allows for a tactile, slightly messy approach, and the tic of the hand is apparent. The text describes her thoughts while the paint handling is her voice. The work often contains a collection of artifacts and a compilation of diverse materials. She tends to gravitate toward work that emits the aura of the maker. Early graffiti has always been an influence on her work. The more direct, the better, when the graffiti is used as a means of communication and territorial dominance.

The title “Flip the Script turn the Tide” stems from one of her favorite paintings derived from a composition notebook that she collaged upon. This particular notebook, like most of her work, contains her likes, hates, and some of her fears. Many of her influences are misogynistic comedians and her favorite rappers. Instead of viewing them at face value, she sees the humor in it. In her mind, she actually flips the script. Much of her work deals with past relationships. She also attempts to turn the tide (in the words of Johnny Cash) and explains how a woman, specifically her, feels in a given situation. Her paintings are candy colored, yet accessible based on their humor, but are still somewhat aggressive with dark, humorous undertones.

Alicia was born in Manhasset, NY and is currently based in Brooklyn. She received her MFA from Hunter College in 2009 and has shown at CANADA Gallery, Derek Eller Gallery, Spring/Break Art Show, Orgy Park, Regina Rex, Zurcher Gallery, TSA LA, Brian Morris Gallery, Underdonk, Eddys Room, The Hills Esthetic Center, Honey Ramka Gallery, Harbor Gallery and Bannerette Gallery.

Alicia Gibson - "Flip the Script Turn the Tide", January 24 - February 21, 2016: Bio

Documentation courtesy Roland Miller

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