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Yae Jee Min's merging on the hill, say I love you softly, photo by Roland Miller

JC @ NADA's Chicago Gallery Open

Open September 30 - October 4th

Exhibition page available here

Julius Cesar is pleased to announce our participation in NADA's Chicago Gallery Open. We will be sharing works from our current solo shows, Ricardo Partida's Final Fantasy and Yae Jee Min's sweet rain that fell: through a kaleidoscope. To make an appointment to see the current exhibitions in person, you can reach out to us through Instagram or email to arrange an appointment, or head to their exhibition page for documentation.

Ricardo Partida (b.1990) is a painter and recent graduate from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago’s Master of Fine Arts in Studio program. His work largely critiques and illuminates depictions of gender and desire in the Western Art Cannon. By using the visual language of figura serpentinata, his works create surrogacies of seduction that question conventional power structures. Through the use of surface treatments, mark making, and the quality of line attributed to Carol Ockman’s 1995 text ‘Retracing the Serpentine Line’, his work explores carnal desires through the push and pull of menace and allure. Born in Mexico City, Mexico and raised in the borderlands of South Texas, Partida’s work has been exhibited nationally including Texas, Chicago, and New York.

Yae Jee Min (b.1990) is an interdisciplinary artist. She holds a MFA and BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BA in psychology from Boston University. Using intersected methodologies of painting and craft, she investigates nostalgia through abstraction and materiality. Through whimsy and childish haphazard zones, she creates spaces in which memories, nostalgia, and identity both engage and entangle with one another. Whether it is dealing with specific moments of domestic spaces, sleep deprivation, mental illness, and femininity; her work confronts these spaces of familiarity with whimsicality to allow viewers into the moment safely, allowing polemic thoughts to be buffered by notions of blanket warmth. Her work has been exhibited internationally and nationally including Seoul Museum of Arts, Torrance Art Museum, and DfbrL8r Gallery.

Images courtesy Roland Miller

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